After a period of inactivity due to the pandemic, the CNMV's volunteering programme has resumed its activities (the Fifth CNMV Volunteering Programme). During the month of February, in collaboration with Cáritas Diocesana, various training sessions have been held for vulnerable groups. These sessions have been delivered by CNMV employees participating in the Fifth CNMV Volunteering Programme in different parishes in Madrid and around 100 people have been able to benefit from them. The aim of these workshops was to provide participants with basic notions related to the management of household finances, such as how to draw up a budget, the importance of saving and how to consume wisely.   

In April, other volunteering activities are to be carried out, such as participation in the 4º ESO + Company programme, aimed at students in the fourth year of ESO (Compulsory Secondary Education), thanks to which students have the opportunity to learn for three days about how the CNMV operates, and the work done by its professionals.